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Ardent Tech Reviews
  • Pre-investment reviews - We have worked with numerous VC firms to provide technical dilligence on potential MEMS and Nanotech investments. We have also advised major investment firms and individual corporations.
“Ardent provided us with timely and cost effective due diligence which helped our decision making immensely.  They provided expert advice in highly technical areas that enabled our firm to make a confident assessment of an investment opportunity.” 
Justin Bentley, Berry Ventures

[Ardent Team Member] was instrumental in helping us diligence a potential RF MEMs investment. He was able to assess competitive technology offerings quickly and efficiently, substantially improving our decision-making.” 
Tom Bratkovich, Blade Capital
  • Technology surveys - Our team members provide technology surveys to the largest technology granting agency in the U.S. government as well as some of the largest IP users in the US corporate markets. If you have a strategic desire to know what's going on in a given field, just contact us.
  • Patent evaluation - Our team typically reviews more than 20 patents a month for clients interested in licensing or purchasing patents. If you are considering licensing or a patent purchase we have ample experience to hit the ground running. If you are a patent seller with MEMS or Nanotech patents we will work with you for free, as we always have clients buying. 
“Ardent helped us understand the market value of important assets.”
Asset Manager – at a company you would recognize

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