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ANSYS multiphysics MEMS actuator simulation

Proprietary RF simulation. Shown here is the output beam from a passive MEMS patch array

Matlab / Simulink simulation of ion flight through a MEMS quadrupole mass spectrometer. Simulation was used to sweep dimensional variables including layer alignment and shape to determine process window and increase yield.
Simulation is available as part of our design work or as a separate task as needed

Our simulation capabilities are top notch, with experienced PhDs
  • Full ANSYS multiphysics and Electromagnetics capability
  • System level Simulink and detailed MATLAB simulation
  • Proprietary RF simulation code
  • We also do "mixed-mode" simulation where we might, for example, combine ANSYS field solutions into MATLAB lookup tables to generate a speedy system level model.
Our direct simulation experience is broad: from feedback controllers to inertial systems, RF antennas to mass spectrometers, MEMS and Nano devices to optics.

“Ardent has supplied us with a number of design and support services over the last few years.  Their world-class team's expertise helped us achieve error-free designs the very first time and gave us a deeper understanding of how our devices perform.  Thanks Ardent!”
Dr. Matthew Last, Crossfiber

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