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Process and Reliability Assessments
Very small process changes during manufacture of MEMS and nanotechnology can lead to order-of-magnitude shifts in mechanical or thermal stresses on components, directly affecting device performance and reliability. The challenge for manufacturers of MEMS and nanotechnology devices is to effectively deliver high performance products in this field where quality standards lag technical innovation. 
  • Process Audit Reviews:   We can identify key quality control issues by reviewing existing protocols and qualifications
  • Reliability Analysis:   Root cause failures can be extremely difficult to identify, particularly in devices where surface effects dominate and contamination can be an issue.  Our technical experts can prioritize potentially costly measures for assessing and improving device reliability.
    •  Evaluation of surface chemistry and potential for contamination to affect device performance.
    •  Adhesion and anti-adhesion performance is based on surface and interface chemistry.  Our experts can work with your staff to develop protocols that institute quality procedures to ensure reliability.
    • Ingress and egress of materials in various packaging designs.  We review packaging design as it relates to service life and reliability.
Reference Silicon DeviceSilicon Device with Galvanic Corrosion
Control Silicon MEMS device - no corrosionSilicon MEMS device fracture with galvanic corrosion
Control Silicon MEMS device - no corrosionSilicon MEMS device with galvanic corrosion
Images courtesy of Prof. Conrad Stoldt of the University of Colorado, Boulder

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