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From Concept to Process: Nanotechnology

Ardent's Nanotech Team focuses on the development of devices that are enabled by structuring on the nanometer scale.

It can be daunting to commit long-term capital to an idea in a field that is still immature in its development.  At Ardent, we target our development activities to reducing technical risks, allowing managers and investors to assess their technology in a minimum number of learning cycles, and with greater confidence at every step.  We can help your team move through the idea and technical due diligence phases, all the way to pilot production.

Our team has experience developing microstructured and nanostructured materials: from improving bulk materials properties all the way down to creating functional layers that are one molecule thick.  Ardent brings an exceptionally creative team that can understand problems at the systems level, with experience in:

    Medical Devices
    Renewable Energy
    MEMS, semiconductors, and PCBs

Ardent's goal is to get your technology to market quickly - a day lost in development is a day that you are not recouping your investment.  We don't have a specific technical service that we sell; we work to become your R&D partner, solving your problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

MEMS & Nanotechnology    

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