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Intellectual Property Services
IP Monetization: We can help you sell off MEMS, Semiconductor, and Nanotech patents that you have sitting on the shelf. If your company has changed focus or segmented its market, we can help you monetize unused intellectual property. Since we always have clients looking this service is free. Contact us with details of your patent or application portfolio and we will see if there is a fit.
IP Review: We frequently perform patent, technology, and IP assessments for VC firms and IP companies, please see Tech Reviews section.
IP Portfolio Planning: Research and development planning is much like managing an investment portfolio, and it can benefit from some of the same portfolio theory. We can save you money by helping you fund research with diverse technical risk while leveraging external sources of intellectual property.
  • A properly planned internal research portfolio should span risk from near zero risk to high risk; incremental factory floor improvements to R&D with the potential to change markets and technologies
  • Sharing effort between two highly risky R&D projects can actually result in a better risk to reward tradeoff if the R&D projects have unrelated technical risk. Strong milestone review processes and serious project design discipline is required to make this work. Beware of projects with a convenient budget year defined length. We have people with ample formal project management certifications to help your project planning be its very best.
  • An openness to selling internal R&D where it doesn't apply to target markets reduces the effective cost of risky R&D by capturing more value from internal IP
  • Buying and licensing external R&D is a powerful form of leverage because it can supply the "missing piece" needed to exploit technologies for markets and customers your company already serves
Ardent Research can help you plan your IP Portfolio and consider complex research portfolio options. Our deep technical expertise can supply PhD level experts from diverse fields to help you understand your own IP potential, while our connections can help you to buy, sell, and license IP to maximize return.

We can arrange anything from a two day review and brainstorming session stocked with diverse scientists to exhaustive sector and technology studies, all the tools needed to take your innovation process to the next level.

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