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MEMS & Nano Fabrication

MEMS relay device for electrical interconnect
Mirror array for switching fabric
MEMS gears on rotating frame
MEMS single mirror for fast beam steering
Ardent Team Member Manning a CVD tube
We handle fabrication from the earliest development stage to small scale manufacturing
  • Ardent Research has access to academic and industry fabs for hands on experimental work
  • Ardent Research has relationships with a number of MEMS  fabrication facilities and an extensive database of process costs
  • We generally start by assessing device design or process needs. We use specific knowledge of how much a process should cost to arrange for lower prices
  • In general we find we can get MEMS wafers fabricated at lower cost and on faster turnaround than the projections our customers come to us with.
  • We can arrange all types of fabrication, including certified  ITAR compliant fabrication
  • For more details see the fabrication section of our introductory presentation:  Powerpoint or PDF

“Beautiful work, and astonishingly fast too! Thanks for keeping us on schedule.”
Dr. Jim Hamilton, Nanosys Inc.

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