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Surveys & Studies

"MEMS Crystal Ball" survey - 85 page survey of dozens of "below the radar" applications with Risk and Reward characteristics for investing.

"Price per Die" spreadsheet study - Cost per silicon area as a function of annual production, process, and approach. Benchmarked against industry and foundries. Predictive power used to estimate what fabrication work should cost for business models and to oversee foundries.

  • Surveys - Our industry experts can prepare detailed reviews and surveys of the industry
    • Field reviews to explore competition and technical landscape
    • Trend reviews to highlight technology directions and offer alternatives
    • Expertise mapping to determine the right people with specialized knowledge of use
    • Opportunity mapping to find investment areas and openings
  • Design & Fabrication - We offer a full range of technical services.
    • Step-by-step pay as you go development to minimize your costs
    • No upfront team building costs or continuous overhead before it's needed
    • We'll help you transition the work in-house at the appropriate time
    • Also see our Nanotech discussion
  • Process & Reliability Assessments -  We offer in-depth analysis of reliability issues
    • Manufacturing audits: troubleshooting MEMS and nanotechnology failures
    • Reliability assessments: supplier review and qualification
    • Process auditing: manufacturing protocols for improved device performance.
  • Value Extraction - Not every innovation needs to be manufactured to realize value
    • If your strategy changes you can still extract value by selling unused IP
    • Even if you are using your invention it is hard for one organization to exploit all markets, sell the others
    • We have connections and experience to help you monetize your IP
    • In today's flat world "Not Invented Here" is just fine
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