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About Ardent Research

Ardent Research corporation began with a group of 4 MEMS and Nanotechnology consultants who wanted to remove some of the contracting complexity from group efforts. The organization provides a single point of contracting and provides an aegis under which the group has been expanding the team and improving business processes.

The MEMS and Nanotech forums began as a place for the team to exchange notes and post organizational information. Those areas are now private but the public section of the forum remains as a free-wheeling place for people in the industry to post and discuss whatever strikes their fancy.

Members of Ardent Research corp. have been consulting for some current clients since at least 2001 and in general since 1995. Team members are added on an invitation only basis. Members are usually picked to fill a technical gap or provide additional manpower in a field with a lot of need. We have Berkeley and Caltech PhDs on the team and some of our part timers are professors or well known industry figures.

Working as an Ardent team member generally requires responsiveness and a proactive attitude. We have excellent internal processes that eliminate a lot of hassle and help work happen efficiently. Client satisfaction and quality is paramount. The team works well together and if you fit you will have a great time and get a fair amount of work. If you want to make a case for joining, please contact us.

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